The Big Trip

IMG_1215 Peru:

Welcome to Peru! – Lima – Peru’s Big Bad City – The Andean City of Cusco – Machu Picchu Madness – Mancora – Surfer’s Paradise?

IMG_1269 Ecuador:

Guayquil; Route Changes, Buses and Crickets… – Life on the Equator; Puerto Lopez

IMG_1406 Colombia:

Welcome to Colombia; Business in BogotaMedellin; Discovering This Modern Cities Chequered Past – Cartagena; Colombia’s Colourful Caribbean City – Our First Taste of Island Life on Colombia’s Tierra Bomba and Playa Blanca

IMG_1520 Panama:

Sailing the San Blas Islands; Paradise Found Between Colombia and Panama – Panama City Baby! – Lost & Found in the Panamanian Mountain Jungle

IMG_1624 Costa Rica:

IMG_1940 Nicaragua:

IMG_2093 Guatemala:

IMG_2191 Belize:

IMG_2278 Mexico:


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