The 10 European Cities That I Wish I Was Visiting This Weekend…


Parks, cycling, canals, waffles, art, museums, shopping, nightlife and miles of winding streets waiting to be discovered… need I say more?

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland


One day I will find myself lucky enough to be weaving my way through the eternally beautiful dusky pink streets of this Italian gem of a city; I will visit its food markets, spend hours sitting in the Piazza del Campo and finish each day with a cool glass of wine and a pizza – what else!



With over 30% of its area being waterways and another 30% parks and green spaces all spread over 30,000 beautiful islands how could you resist the Swedish capital? In case you need more persuading there is a ridiculously good food scene and some incredible shops where you try and hunt down that elusive Swede style.

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Tucked away in the South of France this beauty gets gorgeous summer weather and lets you enjoy France for what it should be… food, wandering and wine… not so rammed full of the super-rich as some of the towns further along the coast, we’re looking at you Cannes and St Tropez!



I think no mater how long you spend in Istanbul, even if you lived there for 20 years, you would still turn a corner and discover a totally different street or market or mosque – so many beautiful things to see and do in this half-European half-Asian city – it still counts for the list though right?

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Even though I became one of the millions of tourists every year that are stung by Barcelona’s insatiable pickpockets this is still one of my favourite places in the world… it is all about the sun, shopping, markets, eating at midnight and dancing til dawn.

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Bright red buildings pop against the ever-so-inviting sparkling blue Adriatic sea – all that’s on the to-do list here is to worship the sun and immerse yourself in the cities rich history.



Even though I truly want to wait until deepest darkest winter to visit Iceland’s capital when you can relax in the heat of the Blue Lagoon, search for the Northern Lights and experience a true winter wonderland – I couldn’t not put in on the list, so, here we are…

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The Danube splits Buda and Pest, leaving palatial government buildings on one impressive hill side and winding cobbled streets lined with hot spring baths, tiny cavern-like shops and of course, the infamous ruin bars on the other. Unforgivably hot in the summer and furiously cold in the winter – take your pick!

Hungarian landmarks, Chain Bridge, Royal Palace and Danube river in Budapest at night.


Yet another destination perhaps that should be left until winter for those pre-Christmas markets, short days lit by festive lights and a café culture that is undeniably one of the best in the world, pack your gloves and scarf because the Danish capitals natural beauty is only enhanced by a touch of frost.



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