My Top 10 Travel Must-Haves

My Top 10 Travel Must-Haves:

  • Sudocrem – it heals all – bites, blisters, cuts etc. and is essential to help you prevent infection
  • Duct tape – from ripped bags to rubbed feet – you’ll need to do a few DIY repairs on any long trip, for about £3 you can invest in a decent tape that will hold together bags and also, top tip, for bad blisters, cover a standard plaster with an extra layer of duct tape for super secure and super cushion protection (for a fraction of the cost of proper blister plasters)
  • Notepad + Pen – whether you’re keeping a budget, need entertaining on a long journey, hurriedly scrawling down an address or creating a travel journal this is a definite must!
  • Microfibre Towel – we bought a 3-pack of these from Amazon for £11 – they saved a huge amount of space and because they were so cheap we even ditched one halfway around when it got a bit tired
  • Sarong – another key space saver; a light weight sarong is way more practical and multi-functional than a beach towel, other uses include a pillow for long journeys and a cover up if girls need to be a little more conservative

download        Sudocrem-Skin-Care-Cream-10163      travel-journal-2

  • Padlock – pretty self-explanatory – whether it is for your bag when on the move or for a locker whilst staying in a hostel it is a simple and practical security solution – make sure you get a code access one so you don’t have to worry about losing the key
  • Sunglasses (that you don’t mind breaking!) – trust me, we got through about 6 pairs, it’s a pain but when you are packing, repacking and constantly on the move things get sat on or left behind – only take a starter pair each because every ‘tourist stop’ we made had someone trying to sell you a new pair
  • Portable Charger – I don’t have to sell you the advantages on this one, it’s an essential, especially when in areas with unreliable electricity supplies e.g. Panamanian jungle and Little Corn Island
  • Coconut Oil – admittedly we picked this up whilst we were out there for just a couple of dollars but it is amazing – a must for moisturising (skin and hair), repelling insects and even as a natural SPF!
  • Small Pair of Scissors – you will find some many uses for these – a total and original must-pack!

coc 30mm-combination-padlock-bl      AAAADE1UgQgAAAAAATB12Q

And What I Wish I Had Taken…

  1. Waterproof Camera – in water this clear, with such amazing wildlife we really missed out not being able to take some scuba shots
  2. Goggles – even though we managed to buy some for cheap in a supermarket (eventually) we regretted not having them from the beginning

21       IMG_2438

And One I’m Not Quite Decided On…

  1. Selfie Stick

Pros: when travelling as a 2 it would be nice to get a shot of you both that isn’t a selfie!

Cons: you are in public and using a selfie stick…



What do you think?

Hope this helps any future packing troubles!


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