The Big Trip

So far in my 21 years I have visited 32 different countries… that is only about 13% of this world.

I’m beginning this blog, however, not with a focus on the 32, but on the 11 that made up my epic trip from Peru to Mexico. I hope you enjoy hearing about the weird and wonderful and everything in between…

As my boyfriend Robbie and I boarded our Air Europa plane (more about THAT flight later) from London Gatwick to Peru we had no plans for the next 4 months except to explore. So off we went, pale from a rainy British winter, to start our adventure on the other side of the world (after a quick stopover in Madrid of course).


Peru to Mexico

After starting in Peru we loosely followed the Pan-American Highway for over 3900km –  somehow we managed this epic distance using a crazy combination of planes, coaches, chicken buses, boats, taxis, tuk tuks, quad bikes, bicycles and more!


Chicken buses in Guatemala


Sailing in the San Blas, Panama


Adventures on a quad, Nicaragua

Over the course of 4 months we criss-crossed our way through this incredible corner of the world and discovered some incredible places along the way. From the stunningly treacherous Andes mountains to the picture-perfect, screen saver ready San Blas islands of the coast of Panama, the powerful and intimidating volcanos in Nicaragua and the epic Mayan ruins at Tikal, Guatemala to name just a few of the highlights.

Hopefully I am going to be able to fill in some of the major information gaps that we encountered on our trip (we thought that the current Central America Lonely Planet was dramatically out-dated, already!) and share a few top tips of what is not to be missed.

Stay tuned!


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