Welcome Bienvenue Willkommen ترحيب

Hi – welcome to Rosie’s Scratch Map! I have setup camp in this tiny corner of the internet to share with you my stories and experiences from my incredible journey through South and Central America.


I found paradise in Panama

This blog is going to be a big old mix of proper travel advice (e.g. righting Lonely Planet’s wrongs…), sharing some beautiful pictures and squeezing in lots of extras about food, style, colours and books – basically a bit of an insight into the world of my travelling brain.


Hibiscus in Costa Rica


Incredible door in Antigua, Guatemala


Volcano in Nicaragua

For those who don’t know me… I am from a tiny little town, Salcombe, on the South Devon coast. Last summer I graduated from Newcastle University after an epic 3 years and now I am off, free in the world finding my way.

South Hams-20131229-00114


After working my ass off, saving every penny and carefully researching the area for months I was more than ready for the 5th of January to arrive and to let the real adventure begin.

I hope you enjoy reading about this trip and following me as my journey continues.


Ready for take-off


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