Welcome Bienvenue Willkommen ترحيب

Hi – welcome to Rosie’s Scratch Map! I have setup camp in this tiny corner of the internet to share with you my stories and experiences from my incredible journey through South and Central America.


Paradise found in Panama

This blog is going to be a big old mix of proper travel advice (e.g. righting Lonely Planet’s wrongs…), sharing some beautiful pictures and squeezing in lots of extras about food, style, colours and books – basically a bit of an insight into the world of my travelling brain.


Beautiful colours in Antigua, Guatemala


Exploring Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua


Incredible natural beauty in Costa Rica

For those who don’t know me… I am from a tiny little town, Salcombe, on the South Devon coast. Last summer I graduated from Newcastle University after an epic 3 years and now I am off, free in the world finding my way.

South Hams-20131229-00114

Salcombe, Devon

After working my ass off, saving every penny and carefully researching the area for months I was more than ready for the 5th of January to arrive and to let the real adventure begin.

I hope you enjoy reading about this trip and following me as my journey continues.


And we are off…


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